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300 blog posts as of this one 😳 HOLY CRAP!

As a kid when I had to write anything other than a creative writing assignment I would double space and write big! To this day I despise forced studying and homework even though I will get it done but talking with my mouth or thumbs to share my innermost thoughts and feelings...Try and stop me, ha!

I owe a lot to this blog. When I had nothing but pain and lethargy this platform was here for me. This is my public journal that gave me a purpose when I didn't have one anymore but to survive. The added benefit for me was and is that if anything I share or have shared can be helpful or at the least, make someone laugh or not feel alone than what I continue to experience and share is worthwhile.

When I started writing 3 years ago it was the beginning of the roller coaster drop into darkness, right before the chain of abscesses began. As I deal with this latest abscess I am imagining this situation is waning, it is my hope.

I have been extra emotional today, my hyperbaric friend that was in the chamber next to me for the last couple of months finished her prescribed number of treatments. We pressed our hands together with the glass between our palms as she was released from the chamber before me, we mouthed our goodbyes and well wishes and I cried. I am happy for her, I have seen her vitality increase over the weeks but I will miss her. It's nice to have a compadre in the medical system and now once again it is just me. I am not saying I don't connect with the staff because I do but it's different, it is a tad lonely in a way, I am not sure if that makes sense but don't worry I am used to it.

On Tuesday at 5pm I received a call from my surgeons office asking if I could get across town to take a Covid test before they closed at 6pm as I was supposed to get surgery the following day (news to me 😳.) I had left a message with the office the previous Friday to say I was ready to schedule surgery but that it was not urgent...Apparently me stating that it was not urgent a total of 3 times was misconstrued and the "urgent" surgery was canceled. They said they would call me the next day but two days later I have heard nothing and now I continue to wait for my surgery to be scheduled. It's annoying but honestly I am not in a huge hurry to be cut into so I will give it until Monday.

Until next time ❤️

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