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Wow! What a week…Or longer….Who am I ?

I am writing this just hours after cataract surgery on my left eye after a couple of weeks digging myself out of severe anemia (still working on that one), I coughed my hernia into a larger hernia that made it impossible for my ostomy bag to stay attached (my acupuncturist said my cough was a "rage cough" but leaking poo randomly made me feel pretty low) my amazing chiropractor adjusted it back so the bag sticks again, though I am going to have to address the hulked out Klaus stoma with my surgeon next week, as I may have torn something. I didn't sleep for two days and the surgery center made me pay a $400 co pay because I am pretty sure they ran the wrong info (it's a name thing that intermittently bites me in the ass but this financial lady has been pretty inept and I am gonna try and get that money back.) All this being said, I am so lucky. Seriously. The people in my life that have come forward to clean my house, help with the AirBnb, give pro bono treatments, drive me to appointments and feed us randomly mean so much and the support is just incredible. I have a hard time feeling worthy but I am working on this, I have to be worthy for these gifts otherwise it would be disrespectful to those that do so much.

I can literally see out of my left eye again, though I am shutting it to write this...It's weird having mono vision right now.

I need to try and sleep more but I am looking forward to starting the last season of Mrs. Maisel because I can actually see it!

I will write more on Thursday when my brain gets a chance to rest up...Hopefully.

Until next time ❤️

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