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Wo-MAN on the silver mountain

I love Dio...The title is a reference to one of their songs, which came into my mind thinking about being finished with the education portion of my IT program...I am done 😳 I am also exhausted and a little overwhelmed with all of the things I still have to do before I get a job. I have to talk to Social Security and figure things out regarding my disability, it's a little daunting but I am not complaining, I just have to gear myself up to sit on hold for 45 minutes to an hour or so before someone speaks to me.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy finishes this week. I am a bit sad I haven't stopped oozing but I am hopeful that the treatment has still benefited me and still will in the long run. The fact that the goo is coming directly from the rectal tumor is interesting and I am hopeful that it will just melt out of me and be done eventually. It's weird to dream of one day not having to line one's underwear with pads. I fantasize about my wounds finally closing, my ass like Mel Gibson in one of the final scenes of "Braveheart" yelling "FREEDOM" at the top of its butt lungs... That would be amazing!

I had a conversation with a hyperbaric buddy today about our dogs. He spoke of his pug Winston and when this person was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his dog was shortly diagnosed with a benign thoracic tumor that made it impossible to pee and paralyzed his back end and that dog stuck around for another 2 years before passing. It is so interesting how our animals will absorb our ailments in their way, at least that's what I think they do. As I drove home I thought of my own pack, first Iggy took care of me and when he died Fiona took over and now it's Coopers turn but I strongly suspect he may retire sooner than later. They made it their mission to support me, I swear. I am so grateful to them and it makes me cry again like I did earlier today in my car.

Now that I am finished with the IT program I can focus on some fun things like making art and some mandatory things like house and yard work but first I might be a smidge lazy for just a bit, I am pretty tired but I know it will pass.

Until next time ❤️

Who rescued who? Iggy, Fiona and Cooper when they were a young pack.

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