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Way Back Machine Activate: Kara Picante's very first opening act for U.S. Air Guitar!

Cancer journey co-pilot's log star date 11.5.23. Work continues on the Death of Picante serial essay, "Crazy Like That," my attempt to understand Kara's rock 'n' roll finale of shuffling off the mortal coil last summer (her favorite Shakespearean phrase, by the way). In the meantime, thank you for stopping by... let's celebrate!

Because on this day four years ago, Kara published her very first blog post ("Holy crap, I am blogging... now what?!" Nov. 5, 2019). In honor of firsts, we take a trip through the Way Back Machine to June 29, 2013... when, along with her then business partner, she opened her first show for U.S. Air Guitar at Dante's in downtown Portland, Oregon.

At the time, I was recovering from health issues and agonizing over whether I should leave my employer and the nearby building I had called second home for thirteen years. Seriously, my chest hurt the more I pondered my dilemma that afternoon. What a glorious distraction, then, to see these three women from another planet--one of them married to me--walk into the venue and breeze right past me, as if to say, "Out of our way, lowly band manager!" Later that night, Kara Picante and the Hussies took the stage and melted the audience for three straight minutes of shredding, bopping around, ballet poses, and kick lines.

Days after this event, I turned down an opportunity to stay at the newspaper because Kara told me the stress of the job would kill me. I went on to try a different field, and while life got rather challenging in the times ahead, Kara and I did some kick lines ourselves through some amazing adventures that I would have never even imagined without my co-pilot urging me to try new, weird things.

Babe, you shall sparkle on forever in my Picante-loving heart.

Until next time.

--Charles Austin Muir

(Video courtesy of Kat Nyberg)

Backup dancer Hussies Chanel and Deanna, aka #1 and #2 respectively

(Photo courtesy of very lucky band manager)

Portland's Queen of Air Guitar

(Photo courtesy of Kat Nyberg)

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Chanel Pichaco
Chanel Pichaco
Nov 06, 2023

Love this so hard 💜❤️💕

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