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Waiting for my energy to come back.

If I was a video game or a cell phone my power indicator would be at 25%. I don't like feeling weak when all my life I have been physically, quite strong. I can only do what I can do though, I cannot force myself to get better quicker and I have to surrender to whatever process this is, humbling as that feels. I saw my oncologist on Wednesday and she assured me my numbers were fine, though I am still pretty anemic. I don't have any alarming side effects so far and she is hopeful I will feel better by next week...Me too. Hope is what keeps me going when everything feels rough, I remind myself that I have been through tough times before and was able to enjoy my life when I got through them. This has been a long game though, when you slip back from feeling better, crawling back to stable feels a little harder.

I am not giving up though, I want to see what this trial will do and I hope it's all good... I wanna travel again. I want to have fun too.

Patience and resilience, mostly patience though, that's the tough one.

Until next time❤️

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