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Thoughts under pressure.

I went to a wedding last Saturday and even people who didn’t know me were telling me how good I looked and these people didn’t know that I had stage 4 cancer unless I told them. Not only was this an ego boost but it made me think that there is something really incredible about hyperbaric chamber therapy. The big reason it helps is that it decreases inflammation, why doesn’t insurance cover this treatment for ALL of the inflammatory conditions? Our system is so backwards really and profiting off of a healthcare system is sick itself. I am so grateful that my issues are covered in the ONLY 14 conditions that insurance will pay regarding HBC therapy but it also makes me feel bad that more people can’t benefit from this simple yet effective treatment. Why should something like this only be available for a few lucky ones that insurance will cover and rich bastards who can pay out of pocket so that they can appear more youthful? Not that I blame those with a shit ton of money who want to pay out of pocket to look and feel better but this is ridiculous. Insurance or lack of insurance coverage towards certain therapies can really put people in a health deficit all because of greed…I have a theory that certain therapies, drugs or modalities are not covered by insurance because they might be too successful, the healthcare system has to bring in a profit, remember? 🙄

I do tell a LOT of people that I have cancer, I know that seems weird. Sometimes I have a tendency to blather on like Lorelei from Gilmore Girls, I just can’t help myself. The reason I tend to share this knowledge is that I want to change the narrative on disease as a whole. Yes, having some diseases including cancer can be like the low battery notice on your phone indicating that your phone is going to drop that really important Zoom call unless you can plug it in immediately. Like I have said to infinity, we are all going to die but it doesn’t mean that we have to not have fun when we feel like it! Dance while you still can, amiright?!

I bitch about what’s wrong with our healthcare system and though I don’t feel that I am wrong, I still feel lucky and grateful for all that I have regarding my medical team and loved ones. I just think we could do so much better. It is hard not to absorb the disappointment in the world leaders and powers that be and regular people who can’t see beyond their own experiences…(There I go again 🙄) still, I can be grateful for the good things.

Until next time ❤️

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Mark Thibodeau
Mark Thibodeau
Aug 18, 2022

You really do look amazing in that shot (and in a lot of shots!). Your hairdresser made you look like a living flame! Gorgeous!

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