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The world is on fire so why not enter an online air guitar competition?

Updated: Mar 23

Once again I wrote a huge chunk of blog post and it completely disappeared, ha! Maybe the universe was telling me that I needed to start all over, okay powers that be, here I go again...

I have an opportunity to compete in a national online air guitar competition from the comfort of my home, so I am (hopefully, if I make the cut 😬.) You can watch it this coming Saturday at 6pm PST if you would like, I will put a link at the end of this post.

I had scheduled to film my 60 second entry last Friday. A photographer

friend was coming over to distance shoot me, my husband would “spacebar” aka turn on the music edit at the right moment and a couple of friends were going to watch and drop streamers on me at the right time, something to look forward to amidst all of the uncertainty and violence in our world right now. I almost didn’t do it. There was a part of me that thought “Why am I bothering?”

It is easy to feel weighed down by the seriously awful shit and divisiveness that is permeating the world right now but I think it is important to also find and celebrate the moments of levity within the drudgery and darkness. So, I went ahead and made my video with my friends and husband, it was a nice break even if I feel that I might have slightly broken my butt (WHY is it ALWAYS my poor butt?)

This Tuesday I get my CT scan, my appointment at the ungodly hour of 7:30am to see what is happening inside of my body, I find the tests or at least waiting for the results of the tests to be the worst part of this cancer situation in a way.

I will let you know what they found on the next post. I had more to say but the universe erased it so this will have to be it this time.

Until next time ❤️

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