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The world is crazy and I am coo coo for Cocoa Puffs!

Okay not really, at least in regards to Cocoa Puffs but holy crap, today has been a virtual acid enema with a salt in the wounds chaser after one has taken a bath in razor blades and shit...Toxic, painful and maddening.

It started out with an appointment at the chemotherapy clinic as I was approved for chemo. Yesterday my butt was examined by my regular surgeon who took out my most recent drain and lanced my original wound that had become infected. At least the butt feels better now. The infusion clinic was busy with patients that were vomiting and having other fecal oriented issues, the nurses juggling us like they were circus performers, nothing was working smoothly. I have never experienced a day like this in all of my previous visits, it was a bit unnerving.

Meanwhile, my poor pug Fiona seems to have a strained shoulder that adds on to her poor neuropathy in the hind end issues which would be bad enough but we have also discovered that our other pug, Cooper, has an ulcerated eye which could rupture if we can’t get it to heal...To top this off we can only get two of the eye drop prescriptions filled because the third one is hard to find AND $300! Not that I won’t drop money I don’t have to help my dogs but even my vet nixed this idea.

When we finally got home after going to a couple of pharmacies to pick up the prescriptions we could get, Coopers’ eye was so goopy I thought it HAD ruptured...Fortunately the goop moved enough out of the way that it appeared that it had not exploded out of his head. I have also decided that I am going to wear Fiona in a sling to keep her calm so she can heal up, all while I am wearing my chemotherapy pump...It is pure chaos.

I feel that we are not alone in this crazy day, it feels a bit cosmic and universal to me, a definite Trickster kind of vibe. The challenge is to not let these kind of days break you. I am not broken yet, I hope you aren’t either.

On a different and more fun subject we got the proof of my book “Fiona Plays With Her Beaver” and it looks so good! I can’t wait until it is available to the public in November! Check out the cover!

Well, I hope you all have survived this day! My fingers are crossed that we will survive as well!

Until next time❤️

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