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Taxes are done and I am still here.

As I write this I am getting another Iron infusion. This one was not planned but my doctor is hoping to get me up to a 12 eventually and right now I am at an 8.7 which feels better than 8.3 but still, I AM dragging a bit. I am not gonna lie, it's been fucking rough. Honestly, being anemic means it's not as easy to breathe and I like to breathe. When I had finally caved last week and asked my aunts to help me (our Airbnb needed the bathroom cleaned and my kitchen needed to be taken care of as well...) I needed help and I was finally at a place where I couldn't do it because I literally couldn't put forth effort and stay conscious if that makes sense, I couldn't breathe. It was a wake up call that I didn't want to answer but I had no choice. It's hard for me to allow people to help me regarding my home filth, even if I didn't mean for it to happen. I have been a part of a rescue team so many times regarding my departed mother but to be on the other side felt bad but also it helped so much and I am glad I finally accepted the kindness.

I showed my doctor the picture of the tumor that fell out of me and she is excited, I mean giddy! I harvested a tinier version that I found in my pants while in the hospital and they are going to do pathology testing on it.

I am really tired from, well not having blood and doing my taxes for the whole day yesterday while laying on my side or back, so I am gonna rest now.

Hopefully next week I will be even better.

Until next time ❤️

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