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Staying the course still.

I had a really good appointment with my oncologist yesterday. I told her about my concerns regarding my current surgeon and she encouraged me to ignore his words, emphasizing his surgery skills. My doctor went on to tell me that I am very strong and that I am doing a really good job (at this I teared up), she said I have gone through a lot but that my body can handle a lot more 😳 Ha! Well that was a scary compliment but still, I take that as real deal support and encouragement. She said that miracles have and can happen just based on peoples attitudes...Basically she is not counting me out at all.

I am still anemic, so I got to put off chemotherapy until next week and was given another iron infusion, I also get to change my schedule to every three weeks instead of every two, I like this idea, it makes me feel a little more in control of getting my body to feel better, we shall see.

Due to a catheter needle lodged in my left ass cheek, mild constipation and low energy I have been pretty wiped out though everyday I do feel a tad better. Today, the sun was glorious and I basked in it albeit a little awkwardly, it’s a challenge to get comfortable sometimes. We visited with some good people and now here I am, documenting my life and bringing you up to speed.

We will see what tomorrow brings, I may have yet another day of not doing much but this is just what healing looks like at this point and I cannot have specific expectations, the body often works on its own schedule and nagging it will not help.

Until next time♥️

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