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Sparkle It Up and Glitter It Down

The Kara Picante Muir Sparkle Celebration is just three days away. I won't lie, there have been setbacks. The weather, meetings pushed back, deliveries delayed. Technical issues. Granted, I am not in show business so this is all new to me. But I do know I have an incredible team packed with talent, skill, and dedication with reinforcements on the way. They are working hard to turn my vision into an unforgettable experience for those who love and ache for the Queen of Sparkle. I wish I could say more, but I'm getting stabbing pains in my fingers from so much scrolling and clicking.

If you are in Portland on Saturday night, I hope you can make it.

Until next time.

--Charles Austin Muir

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18 jan.

Charles! I can NOT make it on Saturday but I will be sending love and warm thoughts to all. Kara meant a great deal to me, and her wise words and loving actions will always, always be with me - and many of us. Remember how much she loved you and please know that I'm thinking of you, too. ❤️

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