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Slowly coming to the surface.

I was lucky enough to get to the beach this weekend, even as exhausted and sad as I was, I felt I needed to be somewhere near the ocean. The house is situated on a river and every time we go to this place the nature is different, this time there were so many birds it was like a convention. I finally got a few hours of sleep, it was awesome but not quite enough. I remember bouncing back faster back in the old days but these are not those. I made potato salad and than ate too much of it 😬 When you have an ostomy too much of a good thing can be a disaster....Sleep did not go so well that night. My friend came down to spend the night and take me home yesterday afternoon because I had scheduled the house longer and didn't wanna miss out on the extra days for Charles, he needs to decompress and I had to be back for my cataract surgery tomorrow.

I slept a little more last night but the potato salad had its revenge again...lesson learned.

Tomorrow I get my other cataract fixed and Thursday I start my new clinical trial which is a double immunotherapy.

It's strange to be in a house with no dogs, though Ruby Sue will be back tomorrow there are no littles anymore. It's sad and weird.

Hopefully things will start feeling easier again.

Until next time❤️

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Totally not the same but I finished the potato salad and it was delicious but a bit gleefully vengeful with my gut. I cooked all the green onions and added them to it. Yum. Love you.

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