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I am slogging right now. Slogging, dragging, bemoaning, mehhhhh... It is taking a bit of time to just have a day of ease. I am happy that I haven’t had a fever for three days, that is progress (hopefully) but now I am weighted down with a general feeling of malaise and a muscle pain or something worse (it could always be worse) in my right chesticle (new word) by my port. If you weren’t a hypochondriac before a cancer diagnosis 😜 like Yoda says “There is another Skywalker...” Oops, wrong quote but you get my drift.

I am sensing Spring, it starts talking this time every year but there is a feeling in the speech, it is uplifting and hopeful through the crisp in the winter air. I try and focus on this in my low, emo state full of discomfort. I love the beginning of each of the seasons, especially Spring and Fall, it makes me feel a little more alive and right now, reminds me that I am in a holding pattern while my body works on healing, I am the assistant to this process and try and answer the prompts that my body issues.

I did install a new WiFi system, a successful day.

Cheers to feeling better a little bit every day.

Until next time ❤️

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