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Plans for a Dead Girl Superstar

Updated: Mar 21

(Yes, that is a Rob Zombie reference)


Professional video from the Sparkle Celebration is on the way. I am pondering how to make it available. The use of prerecorded music may make it impossible for me to release the recording of the show without getting blocked by YouTube. If only Johnny Lawrence was right and I really own Janet Jackson's music because I have her tape in my car...

Professional photos are on the way, too.

In the meantime, I am looking for photos and videos taken by anyone who attended! If you took any, I would love to see it. I am compiling material for a video tribute to Kara that I have been planning ever since we entered the "dark forest" of cancer, as she called it. Whether you took pictures or video of the ceremony or got photos at the Kara Picante Photo Booth afterward, I welcome you to upload it on Dropbox. You don't even need a Dropbox account to do this. Just click on the link below:

(Side note: I understand if you are uncomfortable with doing this for any reason.)

I also plan to make the blog more navigable. I am going to add categories and look into better layout options. Kara wrote 400 blog posts brimming with so much warmth, humor, and insight. They should be easier to find for when you're craving her voice at 3 a.m. and feeling the Picante Rabbit Hole... as I do every night. For a start, I added a basic listing of the Sparkle Celebration crew and cast on the Sparkle Celebration page:

As Kara would often say when she was extra tired from major surgery or some other problem, I promise more exciting things are heading this way. But I do have something fun: The Highlight Reel of Kara's performances that played at the show. It's short and sweet, not nearly representative enough, in my biased opinion, but it gives a sense of the range of her imagination, physicality, and attention to detail. I don't know why my face is still on the front of my head, she melted it off so many times.

Until next time.

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