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Well, I finally let the doctors write me a low dose prescription of an opiate to make the pressure in my bum magically disappear 😳🙄 I love cannabis and mushrooms and find them beneficial in so many ways but opiates, though perfectly reasonable in acute situations or in the hospital, can be disastrous. All that being said I was desperate and since I am doing all sorts of potentially death causing medicines, I should at least try this...Well, only after the nurse assured me that they would help me get off of them if my family addiction gene turned on.

Charles brought me the medication but I didn't take it right away, choosing full body rocking instead. Of course I was constipated as well, making me reluctant to add to my issues but the night was miserable as I am having a hard time peeing as well so at 5 am the next morning I took one. So far I have only taken two pills and that was Saturday, here are my pros and cons for Oxycodone...

Pro: I had a sense of relaxation at first and the pressure dulled and then disappeared for about 3 hours in the 6 hour range.

Con: Though I had some relief it didn't last that long, not like the awful heavy and dopey feeling that made me feel like I was getting sicker by the moment, so fatigued.

To sum this experiment up...I didn't like it. Also, I realized that due to constipation I was full of gas. Releasing some of it helped a lot.

I think this is a good reminder to not only listen to the doctor but to also consider yourself. Everyone said the pressure was my tumor (like it was the only villain on the mystery train) and while I see that it is a main player and cause of my abscessing, regular ailments can be involved too, so it wouldn't hurt to address those things yourself if possible, doctors and nurses are stretched thin right now.

I am still constipated.

My butt hurts and I am exhausted.

"We are all stardust" is so close to being finished and though I am biased, when the light shines through it you can feel the magic.

Thursday I find out if I am in the trial for sure, fingers crossed.

Until next time ❤️

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