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One of those days

Breathing is so important, I know that is an obvious statement but I have been having issues for the last few days. I have been so weak, immunotherapy is kicking my ass, I honestly thought that this would be easy but not so much. I think I feel some improvement but it's hard to confirm when I am gasping for breath from just going to the bathroom. I won't take another bath until I feel like I can get myself out of the tub.

I have been somewhat swollen but not as bad when I first became so. I want better but it's difficult to figure out what's causing my issues. I hate the fact I can't have conversations without coughing. I hate being whiny about my current life.

It's one of those nights I keep sleeping, falling asleep while typing this.

I am really ready to crash. I will have a better post on Thursday thanks to seeing my clinical trial team this coming Wednesday. These appointments are interesting, the life of a Guinea Pig,

Until next time❤️

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