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Oh crap! I almost forgot to write this post!

I can't blame Rick Simpson or significant pain for almost forgetting my obligatory thumb yammering, it's because I am essentially untethered right now, my only obligation this week was wound care. It's weird to not have my 5 days a week, 2 hours a day hyperbaric chamber sessions with a side of "oh shit, I need to get my homework done!" I have a direction I am aiming for but I need to get my bearings. I still can't see very well (a residual effect from the 60 treatments) and my ribs torqued up on my right side this weekend but today I am feeling a bit better. I have started sending out resumes for remote positions, it's weird and feels scary but I am planning on continuing to get better, to shrink my cancer and Houdini this situation out of me. I am "faking it until I make it" which was the wisest advice I got from someone at my first spa job regarding BS treatments I was barely trained to do...Sometimes we just have to do the things that are uncomfortable and trust me, I am no stranger to this internally but to ask people to pick me...ME?! This person who hasn't done office work for an employer in two decades and has a tenuous health situation? Ha! Instead of a cover letter I should attach a compilation video of myself going through various treatments with "In the arms of an angel" playing in the background, maybe that would work!

Today is Halloween and I had Charles draw a "Boo" on my butt for the medical staff, it was fun to make them laugh.

(Here I am waiting for the reveal 😜.)

Side note: An interesting nutritional tidbit I would like to share for anyone having trouble getting enough protein in their body as well as building iron in the blood is to add 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts into the daily diet (I put them in my smoothies.) For the first time ever, my albumin level was normal and hemp hearts were just added into my routine between the two latest lab results. If you have cancer or wounds OR BOTH 😳, good albumin levels are really important to support the body to heal itself. Look up the benefits, seriously, it's pretty cool.

Until next time❤️

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