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Kara's Star Wars Drunk History Episode... UNCUT!

Hello, everyone! In the midst of a brief hiatus, I am back on Kara's blog to celebrate May 4, the informal holiday that commemorates the cinematic phenomenon known as Star Wars!

In honor of one of my favorite sci-fi films ever--and Kara's, too, I would say--I am releasing the never-before-seen COMPLETE edition of Kara's Star Wars Drunk History interview, in which she recaps the plot of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope to a basement full of people who are arguably even more than inebriated than she is.

This beautiful impromptu parody episode was instigated by our friends Andrew Finn and Jason and Lisa Farnan. I am so grateful for the existence of this archival gem, because not only does it capture my generation's Star Wars experience, but Kara's shrewd, if somewhat meandering, analysis of Luke Skywalker and his travails through the hero's journey.

For a little background, this spontaneous event came about during a house party shortly before the U.S. Air Guitar National Championships in Kansas City in 2014. Before agreeing to interview for us, Kara had already massaged the shoulders of several air guitarists, including a future national champion, and won an arm wrestling contest that is a story in itself.

I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say I am so thankful to you, Kara, for agreeing to entertain us with your synoptic magic.

May the Fourth be with you all.

Until next time.

--Charles Austin Muir

P.S. -- If you want to view the original trailer made by Jason Farnan back in 2014, I have added that video below.

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Eric Laub
Eric Laub
May 04

There are not enough ❤️'s that I could click on to express my feelings for this video.

Kara Muir
Kara Muir
May 11
Replying to

This is Charles, by the way. Not sure why I'm not identified. 😬

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