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I walk the line.

I am taking a virtual nature journaling class right now. My herbalist/aromatherapist and basically Glenda The Good Witch incarnate, who kept my head above water when I didn’t know what was wrong with me is teaching this class, she is amazing, hit me up if you want her info.

A page from my nature journal

The point of this class as far as I know is to learn to track nature through visual and written journaling, ultimately connecting information from observations that can be applied to what is going on outside of nature, how it relates to us as humans, perhaps some kind of reflection. Basically teaching us how to read nature like one would a tarot spread but instead of meditating over cards one must meditate in and around nature, it is quite challenging but very interesting. Also, any excuse to get away from the screaming on social media is a blessing and this class is making me look away and step out of that somewhat garbage and unrealistic world.

In our world of technology and sped up time it can be challenging to just sit and observe, meditation is hard enough but meditating with an intended purpose to track, interpret and draw observations in a book is a whole other level. In class today we shared our experience thus far and what we noticed as far as patterns. One thing I have noticed pertaining to myself among other things are white butterflies, I mean LOTS of white butterflies and this is all over my walks in my neighborhood. I love to look up symbolism of animals on the internet but the first potential meaning that came up was that they could be a portent of death....Now an interpretation of death can mean transformation or a shedding of something that needs to be let go but it can also mean literal death, a line we all walk but some of us like myself walk this line more like it is a tightrope with no net, I mean stage 4 cancer is a pretty big exclamation point if you know what I mean. My teacher basically affirmed this with me but said it can also be a sign of good things, a disconnection to my mother or the creatures supporting me in my journey to a literal death.

Who knows what is in store for any of us really but while I am here I might as well participate in the journey that is my life, however long or short it will be. I am feeling good enough to not have to ride the couch all day, sometimes I don’t even feel like I have cancer, wishful thinking or not.

I invite you to pull yourselves away from the void that is your phone or laptops and sit in your yard, watch birds, commune with the plants or a tree. Be with something alive that you don’t need to plug in to charge up for another round of thumb war.

Until next time ❤️

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