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I think the world is moving into my butt and trying to destroy me!

Just kidding...Well kinda kidding. The world as it is definitely concerns me AND unfortunately my butt does hurt, I am a little worried that the abscess that I just dealt with may be coming back, like that character in a soap opera who fell off of a cruise ship and was presumed dead but six months later (or in my case weeks later) they show up with a new face AND amnesia but somehow you know it’s them... At least you are kinda sure but maybe not, stay tuned for next week!

The thing about cancer treatment is that it is a virtual game of “Whack A Mole”, every time you take care of one issue another pops up, whack that and then something else pops up, this is an ultra marathon of that silly game, a frustrating one sometimes, be assured that you will definitely poop your pants and hit the wall but no matter, you WILL continue smacking those asshole cancer or cancer adjacent moles as you continue to run and run...Well, until you can’t or don’t want to anymore.

On a different subject and something that super excites me, my book “Fiona Plays With Her Beaver” has been uploaded to the printer and we are anxiously waiting for a copy so that it can be released to the masses, I cannot wait to share it!

Due to the collective crazy and my creative push to get my book finished on top of a side of uncertainty regarding my potential abscess, I am tapped out. This is all I have this evening. Fingers crossed my butt resolves itself but I will let you know next time on the next episode of “As The World Burns” or “The Butt Of Our Lives.”

Until next time ❤️

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