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I have made statements about our world being on fire but this is ridiculous!

First thing I have to say is that, no, ANTIFA did not start the fires. Again, ANTIFA IS NOT AN ORGANIZATION! Sorry to yell in caps, most people probably already know this but those people that don’t are really buying into this crap and fear is causing real damage. I swear, rumors are almost as bad and damaging as the real thing. I just hope no more homes or lives are lost and if people could stop believing bullshit and that liberals are evil fire starters, all the better.

I had a couple of ideas on what to write about today, I really want to get back to unpacking my mom soon but right now I just don’t have it in me, maybe next week when hopefully there is more oxygen to breathe again. I will however point out that this is the anniversary of my colostomy and the birth of “Klaus” my ostomy aka front butt.

I dedicate the rest of my post to him:

Oh Klaus, you horrified me at first, the liver red or “beefy” red, meat donut to the left of my belly button. It took me quite awhile not to look at you with only one eye. Your impersonations of Yellowstone’s “Old Faithful” are indeed hilarious...Well they would be if I was a 10 year old boy, thankfully we have mainly kept that potty humor where it belongs, in the potty. Because of you I have to deal with my shit up close and personal. You have allowed me to be able to walk further then 10 feet from a bathroom again, for this I am truly grateful even if you decide to announce your presence at the most inopportune times. Though you have made me feel slightly monstrous, far less sexy and a tad cyborgian, I will give you credit for helping me get off of the couch and allowing me to do things again, thank you for that little buddy and a happy birthday to you.

Hang in there everybody! If Klaus and I can do it, so can you.

Until next time ❤️

P.S. Charles made a trailer for his book! It is hilarious and who doesn’t need to laugh right now?

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