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I am the pilot.

In the hyperbaric chamber today I watched the movie “Sully” about the real life emergency landing of a passenger plane in the Hudson River in NYC that happened a few years ago. What a good story, suspenseful as it was the ending was a good one. What I really loved was at the finale, the pilot (played by Tom Hanks) was told that he was the X factor in the potentially dire situation in which there were no casualties and he said that he was one of many, crediting his crew, the passengers and the emergency crew that got to them on boats and helicopters. As I was encased in my plastic tube under 85 feet of pressure and the tears squeezing out of my eyes I thought of all of the people in my life, the specialists and just special ones who have kept my plane from going down in flames. Another reminder of how grateful I am to be here right now feeling as good as I do…I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.

One cool thing that I have noticed so far from doing this hyperbaric therapy is my neuropathy in my calves has seemed to diminish. Seriously, I had a hard time shaving my legs due to the weird numb like sensation but yesterday I felt normal, at least on my shins…If you know, you know, getting that sensation back feels a bit miraculous. Sadly the chamber is not approved yet for just nerve issues but apparently there are trials so hopefully one day…I am really hoping my feet will be next, fingers crossed!

We have a few fun things planned in the next two weeks, it’s so different than our last few years but in a good way. Our life has been chaotic but more consistently fun thankfully, a welcome change.

I need to go make watermelon juice, it’s calling me from my fridge.

Until next time ❤️

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