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I am the ocean

I just went off of steroids last Friday yet I woke up with a huge puffy face and my neck so swelled up it was a bit challenging to breathe. I took two Benadryl and waited to go see my acupuncturist and aromatherapist/ herbalist. Western medicine will often throw the same solution, which for me has been steroids and no sleep, I just don't really feel like they have had a handle on what is happening to me at all. My aromatherapist is highly intuitive and she believed this was not an allergic reaction but that my lymph system was confused "You don't know who you are anymore, you resonate with the ocean....Be the ocean, maybe it will correct itself." So along with herbs and her advice I proceeded to visualize myself as the ocean in different versions and weather, I also stood on our Sonic vibration machine and sat in my infrared sauna. The next day I woke up less swollen and I had a period of actually feeling normal. It's been a couple days of this and there has been improvement every day. I am not perfect but boy does this beat hallucinations from not sleeping. We will see where this goes.

I have been pretty lazy, it's what my body is asking for. I feel that I am not as weak and it's taking longer to hit a wall, tonight it was about an hour ago but I did wake up around 3 am feeling another round of normal and not quite believing it. I don't want to move when I feel that kind of good, I am afraid it will go away and I want to picture my life easier again, I want to believe it's possible.

I just finished the Dugger expose on Amazon Prime 😳Fundamentalist Christians are very concerning, a hybrid nazi/Handmaids Tale situation, it's really creepy how they are infiltrating our government.

I remember when my beloved mother in law only talked about books and tv plots, I hope my life gets bigger again so I can talk about and experience more.

A girl can and will dream.

Until next time ❤️

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