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How are YOU doing?

Holy cow, shit is tense! I had an appointment with my surgeon today which was good because he had to do minor surgery in my under carriage again. I had a full house between my doctor, the transcriber, a student and a new employee, as I lay on my side with my butt out there for all to observe. Both my open abscess wounds needed to be lanced again just to stay ahead of any infection that could take off during my latest chemotherapy round.

This is a new aspect of my life, kinda crappy but better than real deal surgery. As my surgeon injected me with some numbing agent he actually started talking about Trump and how the latest ridiculous thing he said was being the most famous person next to Jesus... Remember when John Lennon said that about The Beatles? I believe they got way more flack for that statement than our cheese face President (I can’t help myself, I have sunk to elementary school name calling, please forgive me). I was kind of surprised yet relieved that my doctor would be talking disparagingly about our Bloated “leader.”

A few years ago I had read that the majority of General Practitioners were Democrats and the majority of surgeons were Republicans, not to assume that this is not the case with my surgeon but if he is a republican he won’t be voting for one to be our President for the next 4 years, I am thankful for this whether or not the current President will remain in office. You want the person in charge of cutting your inner most delicate places to have some empathy and at this point, I have a hard time thinking that anyone still supporting this monster of an administration has any regard for the suffering of others. This is hard for me to say because I don’t necessarily think that all people that would vote for this awful excuse for a human being are inherently evil but at this point with ACA and women’s rights on the chopping block, children still on the border, the dissing of climate change and science, COVID completely being mishandled, black people still being murdered by authorities, no relief package set for everybody that is in need of some goddamn relief...I just can’t be okay with you or your decision to support this person who only cares about his own fame and notoriety. I hope you realize your mistake someday and my wish is that it is not too late to fix things.

I want to be clear, I don’t think what party you choose to belong to makes you a bad person but if you support this awful administration and what they represent you are choosing to vote against the interests of the majority of Americans and most likely yourselves if you have a pre-existing condition (yes, I know Trump “promised” to protect those conditions but when has he kept a promise?) At the very least I think you are misguided and confused and you deserve a one fingered salute for being so deaf and blind to what is happening because, as I stated earlier I have degenerated to my elementary school self, it is challenging to be adult about this.

I hope you all are hanging in! Just a few more days and we will have some knowledge of what is to come.

My love to you even if you are voting to take away my insurance because I am a sucker like that.

Hang in there and I will too.

Until next time ❤️

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