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Here we go again...

I had both my CT guided drains taken out Friday, the sites were unhappy and I had started fevers again. The joy of walking around unfettered from tubing and the sharp twang at the insertion points if the slightest tug happened, those times when I forgot the drains were hanging to the floor when I would get undressed and I would step on one 😳 Not to mention those times in the night that I would accidentally open one of the drains while I was sleeping and end up covered in ooze from my insides, so gross. The fevers started again on Saturday, low grade and highly frustrating as my right ass cheek started feeling not quite right again. Stay tuned for that development, I get a scan tomorrow so we shall see.

I found a different naturopath! I am going to try some new things to support my conventional treatment. I am really excited about this! The information that she shared was hopeful and this lady is an expert in bacteria so I am looking forward to her support in resolving my abscess issue, I am dreaming of not having monthly butt procedures due to puss balls forming in my nether region.

Despite the fevers and abscesses I am feeling better, stronger even. My ankle is doing pretty good, though I still have to baby it. Life right now is a tightrope walk, my goal is to be able to actually drive without pain and perhaps travel longer distances without being incredibly uncomfortable. You don’t realize how much you rely on your butt until it is compromised.

There is another super moon tonight and it is yet another good time to manifest the life I want. I really enjoy imagining myself as a magical creature shifting what has been incredibly challenging to a life of ease. I picture myself healthy and cancer free, working with people. I envision my body toned and strong again.

I am finding it hard to stay awake, so I am going to end this right here for now.

Until next time ❤️

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