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Groundhog life

It feels like I am in a loop right now. Though things are getting incrementally better it's taking so long to get to that point where anything is truly easy. My butt wounds are problematic right now, 11 days in the hospital did them no favors as I was left to percolate in my own biological stew.

I am a bit of a mess, go figure.

I have always bounced back quickly, so this snails pace is frustrating, I am grateful for my people who persistently tell me this is okay...That I am not lazy. My goal is to be able to sleep in my bed again, small step that this is I long to get myself upstairs and get some zzzzzzz's in my own room. Though my couch is comfortable it's just not the same.

Yes,it could be worse 🙄

Cheers to life being better.

Until next time❤️

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