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Finally, sleep is happening!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Bad reactions to my last trial, a trip to the ER, my ostomy stoma Klaus hulking out, my dog dying, literally not a drop of sleep for 5 days with very intermittent passing out the next string of days, fighting with financial assholes....This is not even everything but it has been a rough couple months. Sorry I have been a bit absent, it is hard to use your brain on no sleep, at least the way you want.

I had been off of steroids for a few days but I had also decided to eat beans for days, not a good idea when you have an ostomy, I mean you CAN have delicious fiber but too much of a good thing 😬 Plus you heal when you sleep and the inflammation seemed to be at a high point in my body. My bladder was being pulled by my beyond full colon, I had abscess blisters all the way up into my butt hole...Needless to say, this has been a true trial for me, on top of the clinical trial I have started which always has an element of mystery regarding how my body will deal with it.

I texted my chiropractor yesterday and said that I couldn't pee, she said she could see me that evening. After an hour of slowly working me over with low force technique I felt so much better, went home and slept half decent until 4 am. Today I have been taking naps all day and slowly replenishing my body, at least it feels that way. I have also pooped incessantly, making room in my body...Gross but you know that constipated feeling and if you had ALL the things in play that I have you might not care about talking about it either, I could Sound Of Music sing my relief through the fields and mountains.

Going through these awful tribulations it reminds me that not one modality is the only answer, not everyone knows everything nor has all the tools. Western medicine didn't have what I needed for the latest problems. I don't think alternative medicine has all of the answers either, in fact I despise when I hear people claim that "This one thing will cure you." Especially when it's related to some heinous disease. Really? Fuck off. What I have learned even before my cancer diagnosis is that you can't put your eggs all in one basket, nor trust one practitioner to fix everything that ails you. It's a process of elimination sometimes. Certain things work one time and they might not another....

I guess my point is, advocate and think for yourself if you are able, if not, find someone who will.

I have had a lot of time laying around desperately wishing for sweet sleep and worried about what I should do. I focused on navigating the dark forest that I was back in, I feel I might be seeing some light through the trees soon, let's hope so.

Until next time ❤️

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