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Fevered but not forgotten...Hopefully

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

In the lame adventures of “Mystery Fever 2000” OR “Fever Fever,” I still have no answers yet and am still fevering 😬 Is “fevering” a word? Well it is now and it seems to be my new normal activity, this shit is getting old. Now don’t worry, I say this with full intention of moving forward as long as my body and spirit are willing but really or BUTT REALLY?! I would much rather share recipes or cancer navigating tips OR even better, performance videos but THIS is what is happening and I am pretty open about my life as you may have gathered.

I had a moment of levity with my husband, describing myself as an action figure who rocks and has a working Ostomy named Klaus, together these two do amazingly fun performances and solve crime...I just thought of the solve crime portion but I did really say everything else. It is so important to find humor even when the situation is really challenging and relentless. Laughter is like a flashlight in a blackout and unless fresh out of abdominal surgery, it feels really good in the best way.

I am going to continue lumping on my couch and monitoring my situation so once again I am going to keep this brief and hope I have something fun to talk about soon. Thanks for sticking with me this far.

Until next time ♥️


I did do a video recently for the weekly air guitar show on Twitch called “No strings attached” It is me making fun of my friend and World Air Guitar Champion The Marquis who had a problem with a really popular air guitar song

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