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Feelings, feelings, feelings...

Eating my feelings #2020

It’s been one of those “I just wrote a full blog post and completely lost the whole thing” kind of days...If I were Donald Trump I would blame Obama or ANTIFA...Well I guess he wouldn’t be totally wrong or I wouldn’t be wrong if I was him as I am an anti-fascist but jeez, I wrote some pretty deep shit, no way I am getting any of that back with this chemo brain, ha!

The jist of my never to see again ramblings was that I am a bit frazzled and angsty (surprise!🙄). I miss seeing people who I love in person (seriously, fuck Zoom), I hate the way our country is acting and I can’t wait and also dread the results of this upcoming election.

On the way to the veterinarian for my dog Coopers eye check-up (it’s getting better), we passed a truck laden with so many “Trump” flags and hand-written signs such as “Vote for the unborn” which is kind of ironic as he is driving by massive amounts of homeless people that used to be unborn. The driver had to drive under the speed limit, maybe to be a jerk or maybe because he literally had so many flags that he was worried they would launch onto the freeway, either way, his hobby sucks as much as his president. My blog, my opinion, I know the end of the election will not be the end of ugliness whichever way it goes but I am hoping if Biden wins I can take a little sigh of relief.

US Air Guitar has a semi-regular show on the Twitch channel and they asked for Halloween submissions. I wasn’t feeling my best but pushed myself to make something, I think it’s pretty entertaining and it was fun to watch what everyone else came up with, I laughed and I cried, the tears were happy though, it was so good to see people who I truly love make creative videos, it made me feel connected which is a challenge in these COVID quarantine times. I will attach a link to the video I made in the event you want to be distracted from reality for 2:41 minutes.

Hang in there and I will too!

Until next time ❤️

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