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Feeling testy

Today was my liver biopsy. I was told that it's a fairly easy procedure and I guess that's true enough, though having to wake up by 5:45am and not take any ibuprofen was rough. A good friend took me to the hospital and I dragged myself to Admitting, leaning hard on the desk as the pressure in my butt increased intermittently...I just wanted to lay down. The nurse told me he was admitting 80 people today for all sorts of procedures, I was the first one, that number felt overwhelming to me. They gave me an oxy and that calmed my pain yet made me feel so dopey, a good trade off since I was just laying there.

Transportation came and got me when I was ready, wheeling me on a gurney to ultrasound. He told me a story about John Muir (Muir is my married name) who is known for park and nature conservation, the story went like this:

In a factory, a belt on a machine broke and blinded John in one eye, soon the other eye went blind out of sympathy. He spent months in a dark room until his sight came back in the undamaged eye at which point he decided to live his life as he wanted instead of per other's expectations. I haven't confirmed this story and I probably won't, it's a good message.

After 2 hours in recovery I was pretty much ejected out of the hospital. I was still so high from the oxy and I came home and slept for a few hours.

I need to make a smoothie but I also really want to sleep.

I hope they get the info they needed.

Until next time ❤️

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