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CLOSE but no cigar!

I thought I wasn't going to be able to make a blog post for the first time since I started!

We lost our power TWICE yesterday! The ice, snow and wind did a number on Portland and the outlying areas. When our lights snuffed out the second time I figured like anytime in the past, we would be up and running by the next day....Ummmm, yeah, that didn’t happen. Luckily when the weather event originally started last Friday or really Thursday night, I scored a ride with good friends who took me in to the doctor to remove my chemotherapy pump and I was elated, 3 days is long enough to be tethered to that contraption. Even though I am receiving a lesser dose than I have in the past I was dragging a bit this weekend but no big deal, I have done this before, that is until the flicker happened and lights out...

I woke up this morning to the sounds of drip and crack. My geriatric dogs wanted me to let them into our backyard but I haven’t been able to do that as our deck has been treacherous. I herded them outside in the front of our house, pottied and fed them and then covered myself with a mountainous layer of blankets and proceeded to fall back asleep. I woke up to more outside sounds and my dog Cooper incessantly pacing and still no electricity. I would have handled this all better if I didn’t have cancer and the effects of the treatment but this has not been my fate, so I dealt with it, adding my Elmer Fudd hat and my coat to my already bursting nest on the couch...I decided instead of a season I am a “Grumpy Old Man” color me Walter Matthau.

Charles decided to hoof it up to our local grocery store for hot coffee and canned goods. He came back with a bunch of Chef Boyardee which I have probably not eaten since the 80’s. At first the cold ravioli was pretty good and then my stomach decided I was a jerk and I felt pretty nauseated for a bit afterward...What came first, the horrible ingredients or chemo side effects? I kind of think it was a tie and I don’t need to do that again, ha! I decided that my husband was amiss in not stocking up on discount valentines candy and so I bundled up and went to the store to score more potentially problematic and questionable nutrition, I think we both might have momentarily lost our minds but what else are you going to do? Also, that trek took it out of me and back under my blanket fort I went.

It was weird not having access to the “things.” I listened to an audiobook on my iPad as well as the sounds emanating from outside but my options for distraction were different than my usual, the brain was a bit unsettled, not necessarily a bad thing and a good reminder that one should unplug on purpose but I do prefer making that choice on my own. I really hope the power stays on this time.

It is weird that the majority of our country is having weather and power outage events all at the same time, I am used to things taking their turn, life is so strange these days.

Hang in there, stay warm and safe!

Until next time ❤️

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