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Updated: Oct 8

Since my surgery I have been crawling out of the exhaustion that occurs from anesthesia and scalpel related trauma. My butt is spicy and I have a general feeling of intermittent sadness, which seems to be what happens after any of my surgeries. Healing is uncomfortable and I have been doing a lot of laying around which feels lazy but necessary.

I am finally almost done with the education portion of the IT program, in fact I have already earned my Google IT Support certificate, which I still think is weird, ha! I need to start on my work this week so I am going to cut this short but I want to share a poem I wrote about my dearly departed Fiona. I wrote this in lieu of homework but it felt right.

Until next time ❤️

For The Love Of Pug

I said she had a face only a mother could love

Maybe one who couldn’t hardly see

One eye was catty wampus and weird

the other eye was pointed at me

I went about my business but she was always there

Biding her time, her husky whine and butter soft hair

I couldn’t stop thinking of her

She was always on my mind

I realized she stole a heart

Maybe had it all of the time

I couldn’t bear to part with her

So I kept her with me

Years of love and joy we shared

Her beauty I did see

We had so much fun

It went by so fast

I was by her side

when she breathed her last

I will never be free from the love we shared

She lives in my soul and will always be there

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