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And so it goes…

“I won’t be here next week.” I said to the wound care doctor who’s eyes widened comically “What?! You’re just at the point where things will start to happen…” She was referring to my hyperbaric treatments and she suggested that I drive back from Astoria a few times to avoid a setback “You could backslide.” She said…Words I never want to hear considering the history with my illness thus far and at her words I started to cry. Charles had wanted us to go play music with his brother in Astoria and I had gotten the okay to go away when I started this therapy but not from THIS doctor. We canceled our plans to leave town because even if the authority is being dramatic I can’t take the chance that they could be right. The treatments build on each other and at about the 10th treatment point the body starts to shift as capillaries begin to form in places that they were blasted out of by radiation. Science is so weird and cool.

I am tired today and I am not sure if it is from getting my IT coursework done for the week yesterday or if it is the abscess that still has not popped out of my body yet…Maybe it’s a little of both. I was so immersed in my schoolwork yesterday that I forgot that my old dog Cooper was outside and it was hot and muggy, it had been over an hour that he had been in the yard. He had recently stopped summoning me to come get him and when I realized I had forgotten him I panicked. I found his inert body laying in the furthest corner of the yard in the bamboo and when I saw him I thought he was dead. I picked up his limp carcass and he roused, panting furiously. I fed him and made sure he hydrated. Now I set a timer when I take him outside, I know he is going to pass one day but I don’t want it to be from me forgetting, I still keep picturing him…I feel so bad about it but he is fine and holds no grudge fortunately, I can’t say that I feel the same way.

Today is a good day to manifest, picture your life the way you want it to be like it’s already happened. That’s what I am going to do. I can’t wait to lay on that beach in Greece and not have cancer anymore, ha! It’s fun to daydream about.

Until next time ❤️

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