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Almost normal…

My spicy butt took a turn for the better a couple of days ago, it isn't perfect but it feels less painful and I am able to lay on it for a period of time before I need to give it a break. My ribs have calmed down too, we are lucky enough to own a sonic vibration machine (a board that vibrates, moving lymph and activating tiny muscles in the body) and an infrared sauna, both of which I am starting to incorporate into my routine again. I am planning to make presents for the holidays, this is something I haven't been able to do for literally years. I really want to be able to give gifts to at least some of the people who have carried me to a point where I can start functioning in a better way, it feels good to be able to do this.

My routine used to consist of me waking up, peeing and feeding the dogs, changing my ostomy and then laying down on the couch. I would empty and fill the dishwasher in shifts, leaning heavily on the counter as I emptied out the silverware section. If I was able, I would walk my dogs, if that happened it was a huge win. Lately I have been building on my capacity to do more, though my dog Cooper makes it impossible for me to completely leave the couch, he has certain snuggle expectations and I feel like it's a message, one saying "Not so fast, you just got here." It's true, I don't want to slip back into the depths of the forest again.

Until next time ❤️

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