Ellen DeGeneres, SEND ME TO FINLAND!

Four years ago, a pair of angels disguised as my clients paid for three years of massage so that Charles and I could go the World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland. This was a dream for me and something Charles had never imagined we would do. Otherwise, he might have thought twice before agreeing to compete when I said to him, “Come on, if we EVER get to Oulu, you HAVE to compete...You would, wouldn’t you?” Ha! Sometimes I can be quite diabolical, which I think he for

Way Back Machine Activate: The Diagnosis...Cue the organ music with a side of sad trombone..Dun dunn

Happy Anniversary Colonoscopy: May 20, 2019. The thirtieth anniversary of our first date. After a grueling night of colonoscopy prep, showing up at the clinic feeling as if I had been in battle, (honestly, it should be mandatory that everyone who prescribes the clean-out protocol experience it first), I noticed colorectal cancer advertising wherever I looked. Charles asked me if I wanted to shift positions so I wouldn't have to see cancer advertising in 4D. But I felt too mis


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