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Attitude adjustment: The style edition.

All of the pics of me and new do that were taken had these rainbow lights in them 😳There was no filter.

My dear and talented friend and I have an arrangement, she summons me when she can put me on her books to do my hair and I come running, sometimes moving important cancer appointments so fast if they had heads they would spin. When I was actively working I would trade services with people but when I got sick a few of my trades insisted on taking care of me regardless. The timing was perfect even if I had to juggle appointments, I have mentioned previously that I felt my mental health was being challenged, there is something about getting hair (stylishly) cut off during stressful times that can really help my mind get back on track, in effect slowing down that inner Howard Hughes, exposing the reasonable person behind the Kleenex boxes on my feet...

I don’t think health of any kind is static, especially mental. I caught myself feeling depressed over the winter, a numbness had settled on me and it wasn’t from the temperature. I took two magic mushroom journeys within 2 weeks of each other and felt exponentially better until lately, though it’s not as bad as before I think it may be time again soon to journey again but at least for now I feel like my head is poking out of the water and I am 3/4 in my body.

Physically I am feeling improvement in my butt, though not perfect I have noticed myself going hours without having any wound discomfort after experiencing aches and annoying pain regularly almost this whole year thus far, that is until this week... Allow me to walk and talk softly right here, I can’t afford to get too excited and I don’t want to speak too soon, even in the easier times it is important to remain vigilant and do all the things to promote healing, or at least as many things as you can remember, I drop metaphorical balls all of the time, essentially, healing and health is not something that one should get cocky about. Cockiness breeds complacency and isn’t that how we can end up in these situations to begin with?

I am working on my 13th picture for the coloring book I am planning on having published before the end of this year. I colored the reimagined design of my “Pugzilla,” which I drew a couple years ago and posted it on Society6 and Redbubble, I think it looks pretty cool!

Anything that I can do to fill my creative cup is going to fuel my ultra cancer marathon.

Maybe I should sing karaoke after I take RSO tonight.

And the beat goes on as do I…For now.

Until next time ❤️

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