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Warning: Political Post. I apologize but this stuff it is personal.

I watched the documentary “The Social Dilemma" a couple of weeks ago, I recommend it to everyone, no matter your political leanings. Seriously, the political climate has never been as split or divisive in my lifetime. I have never felt so vulnerable ever.

As a massage therapist for 20 years I have had my hands on many bodies with many different ideologies including politicians, judges and one time a US Ambassador, though I can never tell you who. That didn’t make a difference to me and definitely not to them. We are all human, we all bleed, we all are quite delicate in some ways. I happened to have chosen a career that I have loved and that is very valuable but that is precarious. I would say I was pretty good at what I did, I helped a lot of people and I don’t regret it. The problem is that my chosen career didn’t come with a lot of stability, a 401K or insurance, of course I knew this going into it but I didn’t want to work in a corporate office which came with those things. I traded perceived stability for a soul nourishing career. This is not to say one can’t enjoy their careers if they are corporate but it wasn’t for me, so I jumped into the fire, I took a chance.

When the Affordable Care Act happened I had been paying for my own insurance that was basically catastrophic, so when I opted to go the Obamacare route it was a bit of a game changer. I still didn’t utilize my healthcare until I finally decided to go to the doctor last year and...Well you know the rest.

As the presidential election comes closer and our leader gets more and more ridiculous, gutting protections and creating this chaotic fear, flaming on anyone that isn’t completely on board with his agenda, I am trying not to lose faith in people, especially those who I know.

The recent fires here brought a lot of people together. Neighbors helped neighbors, protesters (aka “Antifa” and Black Lives Matter) brought essentials to people who had been evacuated...It was heartening to see. Social media has a way of connecting people yet dividing them, this real situation brought forth real humanity in its best form.

Now as the smoke clears and the protests resume, people go back to the “Us vs Them” bullshit, the name calling, it is very similar to that Looney Tunes bit with “Sam & Ralph” the sheep dog vs the wolf. I see the same statements about property damage, murmurs of comeuppance and retribution instead of questions and real solutions. I am weary of the laments regarding property damage from people who would rather blather on about graffiti instead of talking about the injustice that is behind these protests to begin with.

Address the injustice and the protests will stop. Keep bitching about property damage and the few trouble makers and...Well, you aren’t listening, most likely because it doesn’t affect you directly, you don’t care.

Also...Breonna Taylor.

This brings me back to our impending election and something that does affect me directly. If Donald Trump remains president and is able to put a Supreme Court justice in who will basically do his bidding, which is possible, chances are we will lose our life-saving health insurance, those of us who rely on the Affordable Care Act. Maybe you are “Pro-life” and that’s the only reason you would vote for a leader that is so blatantly corrupt that it is laughable BUT if that is the case, you are a hypocrite. Think about it, I have a life yet you are willing to endanger it for the sake of ONE issue and that issue doesn’t even affect you, it is someone else with their own personal story and reasons. If you are basically ”Pro Birth” there are other ways to spread your message rather than punishment via making a woman’s choice regarding her own body illegal.

I am sorry to be so inflamed but I am just so disappointed in people right now. Not everyone, just those people out there that can’t see beyond their own garbage.

Thank you for bearing with me, if you have a problem with what I said I am open for discussion. I really want everyone to thrive as long as it isn’t at the cost of someone else.

There is enough for everyone. We can all thrive if we really stop trying to keep others down.

I know...I am a dreamer.

Until next time❤️

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