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Trial day!

I am writing this from the infusion clinic at the hospital. Check-in was at 7:30 am, a brutal time for a somewhat retired person such as myself. I hit the snooze button twice, deciding to omit a shower, nobody cares if I am pristine or not and I had to pack enough food to cover 10 hours of intermittent exsanguination. Labs were drawn and I was taken in to see my doctor who is really optimistic about this trial, she told me she requested data from the research nurse and the information is really encouraging. ”What exactly am I taking? Is it chemo or immunotherapy?” My doctor told me it was neither as it is a targeted therapy. I was approved to start and the research nurse finally came to administer the pills, an hour from first dose and so far so good, blood was drawn for a third time so far today and I ate my first real meal, a homemade mushroom and potato stew.

(Fast forward to later in the day…)

I finally left at close to 6pm with my port still accessible so they can draw more labs tomorrow but I will only go in for that and to take the pills again. After tomorrow I will be taking the pills on my own twice a day until the beginning of the next cycle where more tests will happen. I am a Guinea Pig and I am okay with it!

I am also pretty wiped out which I know is surprising 🙄 I really hope this trial can help give me some ooomph back, I am still optimistic even if I am mildly nauseated at the moment, the Lorazepam is kicking in and I can think about heating up the teriyaki Charles picked me up today…I am not sure if nausea is a side effect of the medicine or I didn’t eat enough but I guess we will figure that out as we go.

Until next time ❤️

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