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To see CT or not see CT? That is the question

I agonized over looking or not looking at the test results from my CT scan when I received the MyChart notification. I decided to wait and see what my doctor said because the diagnostic language in a report can sound horrifying, at least in my head it does.

So the breakdown:

My rectal tumor has shrunk A LOT!

My liver tumors have grown.

(Like a Jenga tower I am, searching for balance yet teetering on the edges…Yup, still high thanks to RSO cancer protocol, ha!)

The plan: To start immunotherapy as soon as possible (2 weeks from now at earliest.)

Submit request to insurance (it will be denied.)

Submit request directly to Immunotherapy company.

Wait for approval.

If approved, infusions will happen every two weeks.

Wait and see what happens.

I didn’t love the fact that a tumor in my body grew but since I am still breathing I might as well keep trying new things.

Side note: One slightly annoying side effect of RSO oil is the cotton mouth, my lip sticks to my teeth as I write this…I probably need to hydrate.

Until next time ❤️

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