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Time flys when you’re feeling punk.

Though my energy is still dragging, not all is crappy this week. I was gifted a lovely massage from a good friend, my tired body was so thankful for the healing touch AND…We received a physical copy of our coloring story book! When the box finally arrived at 7pm on our front porch I was scared…Excitement ran through my body but I was truly afraid I wouldn’t like the final product. I can honestly say that I am pleased and proud of what Charles and I accomplished through a really challenging time.

We have approved the book for online sales (you can even request your local bookstore to order for you if that feels better) and we will be receiving some copies that we could sign on request and mail free shipping if anyone would like to purchase a copy directly. Here is the Amazon link if you would like a copy if that is just easier:

No worries if this book isn’t your thing! The real moral of the story of coming out with a project like this is that we actually were able to accomplish something (as cheesy and trite as it sounds) through some really daunting life shit, no shade towards anyone who just celebrates getting through another day and that’s all there is room for, trust me I see and feel you. We all do what we can to just get through and for us, focusing on the creative in those moments when I have been able to in the rougher times has really made a difference in this journey of ours.

I am going to continue to rest and hopefully work incrementally out of this anemia. Side note, my chiropractor suggested doing colon chi gong, I find it really pleasant and have been doing it laying down. I will attach a link in case you want to try this as well.

Until next time ❤️

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