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This random post brought to you by me.

I am literally laying here wondering whether I should get up and try to eat something as this annoying nausea intermittently knocks on the back of my throat. It’s been better today, I received a wonderful massage and was able to eat a bit more than I have. I also walked my dog Ruby Sue for the first time in a few days, a win in my book. I have been experiencing night sweats again, they are mild and could be related to the immunotherapy, I will continue to monitor this. That’s about where I am at right now, not fabulous but not as bad as I have been.

I am squeaking away on this coloring book project, this is taking more time and I really think it’s going to be cool, though today has been one of those days when the universe has decided that I need to do other things, one of which was an interview with Social Security to assess my current value 😳 The interviewer was lovely and quite helpful, it’s nice to hear compassion in a voice working that sort of job. He gave me a few numbers to call and see what I should expect from being switched to Medicare…You know, help for senior citizens (I seriously gasped out loud and clutched my proverbial pearls) he said “Well, you’re technically not yet but…”

(Not so deep thought: I hope I make it to be an official senior citizen.)

Today I also decided to take a selfie that includes my modestly dressed Ostomy “Klaus,” Don’t worry, he kept his clothes on 😜

Selfie tip: Always aim from above and at an angle, trust me, gravity is only your friend in keeping you attached to this planet, ha! Example? Hahaha, no way!

Seriously though, I never thought I would show my front butt to the public but I felt brave today, this is me vulnerable. I think constantly about my plans for Klaus in a zombie apocalypse and how I would probably need to get duct tape and sandwich bags… I am random tonight but I felt I must mirror the feel of this day.

Until next time❤️

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