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So many thoughts, so little time.

Post inspired by the nice National Guardsman who checked me into the hospital yesterday.

There is a whirlpool of soup in my brain, I am so confused these days and nothing makes sense. This is not the cancer talking, this is the COVID/vaccine deniers that are not only unwilling to protect themselves but don’t really take anyone else into consideration. Then, add in all the outcry from everyone with their own opinions and feelings peppered in with obscenities and pseudo professional opinions...It’s deafening.

Many are trying to become skilled insult comics and though I do enjoy laughing, I am finding this eternal quarantine burdensome and only funny when my rope has ended and been thrown into the garbage.

I have issues regarding authority as do most toddlers, half of our citizens in this country are doing their best to embrace that inner Huggies wearing demon we all have inside of us, literally doing anything but what the world is asking us to do. The difference between my toddler and an anti COVID baby/adult is that I am not trying to hurt anyone else with my tantrum.

My husband wrote a book that was published last year inspired by our shared cancer experience called “Slippery When Metastasized” and is funny, absurd and heart wrenching, get your copy today 😉😏😜 Ha!

Charles came up with a term in above mentioned book called “Truth Cancer,” the definition is in the term and I wanted to pass on my version of this. A message to those that through their inaction and selfishness are keeping me and everyone else a prisoner in our own homes:

This one seems obvious but…

No matter what, we are all going to die.

You can run away from the Covid but not so much from other things or diseases, careful, your fear slip is showing… That’s right, go ahead and beat your chest and don those amazing politically themed fashions, your actions or lack there of following any safety protocol will make no difference in the end (as in your end.) Manage your fear, for people who don’t like to be told what to do, you seem to be taking direction from your Lilly livered guts 🙄

I am weary of thinking and hoping that people will do better and being continually


Rant over…

“What is immunotherapy?” You may ask. Immunotherapy is designed to use ones own immune system to track down the cancer cells and destroy them. This part sounds awesome and it is far less toxic than chemo or radiation but potential serious side effects are possible.

I received my immunotherapy yesterday and it was relatively quick once set up, a 30 minute infusion after bloodwork, doctor appointment and the nurse getting medicine from the pharmacy. I am toning down the RSO so I can be aware of potential side effects, though I will take a hefty dose in the evenings to not lose too much ground.

I think my oncologist was unhappy that I wasn’t more enthusiastic about this new treatment, I don’t like to displease her but you can’t sprint through an entire marathon, I am hopeful but I have no energy to get goopy about, if that makes sense.

I feel pretty decent though tired with a low grade fever (side effect), I am glad I got to do some forest bathing this week, it was really helpful, a good reminder that nature IS nurture…Well in this case.

Until next time ❤️

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03 de set. de 2021

oh man, you so hit the nail on the head for me, too. i've been struggling for a few weeks now to figure out what the anti-mask, anti-vax bs is really all about because it definitely isn't about "freedom" like these idiots keep screaming, that's a distraction. a mask isn't keeping anyone not-free or "muzzled." and it's obvious that it festers from this highly individualized culture which is its own toxin, but there's more to it than that - that explains part of it. but finally my suspicions kind of solidified into the plain, obvious, childish fact that these people just simply don't want to be reminded that they are going to die one day. and so is everyone. that's…

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