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Not so goopy but still a little soupy.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

“Do you want me to pour out the egg nog?” Charles asked me and I had to say “Yes.” Though my heart cried a little. I am trying to eat mostly vegetables with protein, avoid grains and try to keep my grabby hands off of sugary goodness and bread, a feat that I sometimes fail a little at (seriously, just a little but still…) I am noticing some good progress though I am definitely not in the clear. I have consistently had fevers every night between 5pm and midnight, it’s so weird, I may have made this joke before but it fits, so sorry if I am repeating myself: Like Knewt from Aliens says “They mostly come out at night….Mostly…” I am not sure if being yeasty has anything to do with fevers but it certainly adds to the inflammation in my body, so there’s that.

I am waiting until my appointment with my oncologist on Thursday (I thought it was Wednesday.) MyChart let me know I have results posted on my account but I am not going to look at it, in a way there is nothing I can do with that information, it is for the doctors to determine a plan. This is not saying that I am complacent but the verbiage can be really horrifying on the best of reports so I can wait to find out later this week.

I am feeling better today though still a bit low energy. It’s hard to tell if I am genuinely dragging or am just mildly depressed, maybe a little of both, immunotherapy side effects can be in play and considering the nightly fevers, I am sure they take a bit of a toll so I will try and give myself a bit of a break.

I am still posting my series on TikTok, I will share one of my latest videos for fun, I hope someone gets something out of it.

Until next time ❤️

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Eric Laub
Eric Laub
05 janv. 2022

Sending you extra love, warm thoughts, and positive vibes for your appointment this week!


04 janv. 2022

When I had an overactive immune system problem years ago, I had nightly fevers. They started like clockwork at 4 pm and went away in the wee hours. Your doctor can probably tell you why this is happening, but it might be because your immune system is fired up. Which could be a good thing, right? Sending love!!

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