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Not so goopy but still a little soupy.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

“Do you want me to pour out the egg nog?” Charles asked me and I had to say “Yes.” Though my heart cried a little. I am trying to eat mostly vegetables with protein, avoid grains and try to keep my grabby hands off of sugary goodness and bread, a feat that I sometimes fail a little at (seriously, just a little but still…) I am noticing some good progress though I am definitely not in the clear. I have consistently had fevers every night between 5pm and midnight, it’s so weird, I may have made this joke before but it fits, so sorry if I am repeating myself: Like Knewt from Aliens says “They mostly come out at night….Mostly…” I am not sure if being yeasty has anything to do with fevers but it certainly adds to the inflammation in my body, so there’s that.

I am waiting until my appointment with my oncologist on Thursday (I thought it was Wednesday.) MyChart let me know I have results posted on my account but I am not going to look at it, in a way there is nothing I can do with that information, it is for the doctors to determine a plan. This is not saying that I am complacent but the verbiage can be really horrifying on the best of reports so I can wait to find out later this week.

I am feeling better today though still a bit low energy. It’s hard to tell if I am genuinely dragging or am just mildly depressed, maybe a little of both, immunotherapy side effects can be in play and considering the nightly fevers, I am sure they take a bit of a toll so I will try and give myself a bit of a break.

I am still posting my series on TikTok, I will share one of my latest videos for fun, I hope someone gets something out of it.

Until next time ❤️

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