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Is it lazy or is it cancer?

I have been laying around a lot, an inspiration for my blog title. Since starting immunotherapy I have experienced almost nightly fevers in varying degrees. Most of the time it has stayed in the low grade between 99 and 100.9 but usually 2 days after an infusion there would be a spike to over 101, often peaking around 101.8 at which point I would pop a Tylenol and the fever would resolve within 2 hours. Now, as the immunotherapy is working out of me I still have fevers between 4pm and midnight but they have been going back to normal fairly quickly comparatively and are often back to normal way before midnight even. In a weird way I am an amateur scientist who studies my own Petrie dish. My medical team is great but nobody is going to keep track of these things like I will, I have found it important to be interested in the patterns especially when it would be easy to fear such things. I really hope these fevers keep fading and will eventually fade out completely along with the yeast factory in my body.

The coordinator of the study I am hoping to get into, called me last Friday at around 5pm. She had found me in a list of patients that qualified for the trial due to a mutated gene…Not gonna lie, I weirdly felt a little special. I can’t share a lot of the info as it needs to stay confidential but she said I have a spot in the study, we just have to wait for the sponsors of the study to release “approved consent”, hopefully I will get this in the next 2 days at which time I will go to the hospital and sign the consent as well as make a bunch of appointments. Being a part of a trial can be intimidating as you basically volunteer like a tribute from The Hunger Games but at the same time, there are a ton of cancer treatments that are FDA approved that will do it’s best to destroy a person SO, it’s not so bad OR it’s equally bad, ha! I am hopeful this is the one for me.

Until next time ❤️

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