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Immunotherapy #2

I got a ride to the hospital by one of my most favorite people who was kind enough to drop me off for my second immunotherapy. I walked into a pretty barren building, not empty but not normal…I know, what’s normal anymore? That being said, two weeks ago they weren’t stopping visitors or companions from entering the hospital. I was checked in again by a National Guard member, this time as I walked down the long hallway with windows along one side covered with different signs, checkpoints for the GROUPS of service members that are covering ALL of the jobs that need to be covered while medical staff battle Covid and try and save a large number of people that didn’t really give a shit about them.

Does that sound harsh? I feel a little harsh. I am just so frustrated and I know I am not alone in this, I feel the collective fear and rage. Have you ever been locked into a conversation with someone and you seem to be saying the same things but it is presenting itself as an argument train that is moving so fast that someone is gonna get hurt if they try and get off of it? That’s what life is like lately, everyone misunderstanding each other. I think we can all agree that we want our loved ones and ourselves to get through this alive and unharmed no matter who you vote for or whether you make sweet, sweet love to your AR-15 or not…I mean, I imagine if you own one and are not actively in the military this could be a kink 😳

I just left a CVS that was so understaffed the pharmacy wasn’t answering the phone, nor picking up for the people on hold, a recorded voice repeating the number of people holding at any time every 3 minutes or so, torturous as the pharmacist worked furiously to fill prescriptions, the in-person line getting longer by the minute. I took it upon myself to start notifying people that the pharmacy was very busy and advising people to come back later or at least be patient, I got hard ignored by somebody who looked like they might want to be mean…

The moral of this story: Get vaccinated or do your due diligence and stay home as well as away from people and when near people, wear a fucking mask 🙂 This is for you too. Anyway…The immunotherapy went fine and there is nothing concerning to report about that right now.

I am hopefully going to get in some forest medicine this weekend, please do something fun and good for yourself too, I mean, why not?

Until next time ❤️

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