I have been doing a lot of flying and man my ass is tired!

Okay, full disclosure, I am actually on my way back as I write this so my title is a joke and a little stretch of the truth but I am pretty tired, not a lie about that.

What a weekend!

As I write this I am waiting to take off, volunteers have just been called to exit and though I love the idea of free tickets and compensation I am ready to go home...Gahh, the coughing and sneezing of passengers (the majority of which are unmasked) makes me a bit leery but I was already potentially exposed this weekend by an unknowingly COVID infected friend who was mostly distanced but…Sigh…This shit is lame.

Anyway, enough about infectious mystery diseases, let’s talk about the fun part! AIR GUITAR and a reminder of what it used to be like to be around people and to perform again…Well I will discuss that in the next blog post with some pics hopefully and maybe some video because I don’t have any of those right now and the turbulence is really distracting because now I actually am flying home…

Okay (sigh of relief) now I am home, though I am laying in my massage room separate from my husband agonizing about how to do things. I am vaccinated and double boosted and have so far tested negative for Covid-19 the CDC guidelines are not very cut and dry. I am exhausted but I had a great day before the plane ride with my friend Daniel who took me to the Denver airport after a day of walking around Red Rocks, stopping at a brewery for light refreshment and picking up assorted pepperoni sticks (not pictured) for my sweety. To be honest I am really exhausted right now, this weekend was fun but a lot.

Sorry I am so scattered.

Until next time ❤️

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