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I am on a plane! Holy shit!

Just over 4 months ago I was too sick to get on a plane let alone travel by myself but here I am. The last flight I was on was when I went to Nashville to compete on the National stage where I tied for 4th place even though I was in the middle of chemotherapy and riddled with cancer. It was an awesome trip but my window to compete and socialize was quite small, I didn’t see much of Nashville beyond the entertainment venue and my hotel room and was altered on magic mushrooms, which were extremely helpful. Fast forward to today, I have a colostomy and a couple of wounds and still am dealing with cancer, though significantly less of it and I am completely clear headed as I am traveling solo, my partner opting to stay home because he could. It is an interesting untethered feeling and it’s nice but also discombobulating.

In Denver this Saturday I will be performing and then judging an air guitar competition. To see people in person somewhere that is not around my home or the hospital will be surreal, I will still do my best not to get Covid though, unlike the majority of unmasked travelers at the airport…It kinda blows my mind.

Wow! The plane just took off with me in it, I am actually going somewhere…Weird.

Hopefully I will have fun stories next week that I can share. One not so great thing is that these seats suck or at least my butt thinks so but I can handle 2 hours.

Denver here I come!

Until next time!

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