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Holy crap! Did he just say that?!

I had my 2 month follow up with my surgeon today, an appointment I always dread. I like my surgeon but often the news he gives is the suckiest. We talked for a bit, my oncologist had included in my notes that I had been inducted in the US Air Guitar Hall Of Fame and he was disappointed that I didn’t lead with that. He left the room and I changed into a gown, when he came back in he was followed by 2 medical assistants “So everyone is looking at my butt today?” I am used to this, he is the head of the department and always teaching…My butt is of interest apparently and if it can help others…Let’s call my butt an information philanthropist, not sure if that’s a thing but if it is, give my backside a fucking Nobel Peace Prize! Anyway, I lay on my side and he went in spreading my mud flaps open for the room to see and in less than 3 minutes he was done. “Well, your butt looks healthy.” I felt my eyes widen “Really?!” I asked. “Yes, your butt looks healthy, good job! See you in 3 months?” I was shocked “Is that cocky waiting so long?” I couldn’t believe my ears. He told me if something came up I could see him sooner but let’s try it. In this whole cancer situation NOBODY has ever said my butt looked healthy…Hallelujah and praise my dogs, seriously they snuggle my booty on the couch every chance they get, part of my medicine for sure. Don’t worry, I am not cocky, just really grateful, remember the first 5 months of the year I was in the hospital off and on, sometimes for quite a few days…What a relief.

I saw my oncologist yesterday, she was once again pleased about my numbers and really encouraged that the recent treatment is working but due to me being slightly anemic from not eating the last couple of months, I had to get an IV iron infusion along with the immunotherapy. This unfortunately takes my infusion time from 30 minutes to 2 hours but worth it to get my hemoglobin larger so I can have more energy. I thought I was going to come to my appointment with added weight as well because I have been eating more but I did not. The positive of my weight was that I had not lost any more LB’s so I will take that as a small win for sure.

I am closing in on the pug monster coloring story book. We will hopefully upload to the publishing site earlier next week, I want to make sure my pictures are as good as I can make them. Wish me luck!

Until next time ❤️

Coming soon in a virtual reality near you!

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