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Holding pattern…Where am I? What am I doing?

I had someone ask me how long I was a massage therapist today. When I say twenty years it always surprises people and makes me proud and sad at the same time. I find myself justifying why I haven’t been able to work, the American shame seeping in and poking me. I saw my wound care ostomy nurse last week and brought up my feelings on this subject to which she firmly stated “People going through cancer treatment should be able to concentrate on their health.” Of course fill in “cancer” with many other chronic diseases but yes, ideally when one is acutely sick we should be able to concentrate on our well being instead of pushing ourselves and expelling energy best served for healing. I hate that our country glorifies long hours and working while struggling like it’s some kind of contest. Our country could certainly give us universal pay and healthcare for all, you won’t convince me differently…Seriously the military budget? It would be so nice if our government was more in touch with the needs of the people who, let’s face it, are not getting healthier. You know how I feel 😳 I have too much time to absorb information about what is happening, I probably need to stop that for awhile, my worry helps nobody but still…Tax the really rich, I mean come on 😜

Good news, my iron levels went up incrementally from 9.4 to 9.9, not a home run but it is a small win. I had a higher fever last night, I think I am starting to recognize a pattern with the immunotherapy, two days after infusion I have a higher fever, which makes sense to me, my immune system is working to eradicate the cancer cells and fevers kill cancer cells, though I have to be careful with how high the temperature is. I took Tylenol just to make sure the fever would go down and it did. I have a low grade one right now and I am going to let that ride, go get ‘em immune system!

I am still a bit tired and my energy is lagging but I find after a treatment it takes a few days to bounce back. Hopefully my iron will keep going up and I can give the couch a break.

People are getting their coloring story books and the reviews are really positive! This makes me happy.

If you are interested in getting a copy in time for Xmas there is still time to hopefully avoid shipping delays.

Until next time ❤️

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