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High times.

First week on the Rick Simpson Oil cancer protocol and I have not quite developed a tolerance to the high THC that I am dosing, though I am not as tired as I was the first couple of days. I have noticed that when people find out that I am not on any conventional medicine right now as I am waiting for results of CT scan, there seems to be a fear for me, a worry that me not being treated is a clock race. I personally feel no fear about this, I like the idea that I have a few moments to gather my own strength and let my body work at healing without the worry of side effects.

I just zoned out while writing this post 😳

I have always been fearful of starting this protocol due to the immense high that I was right to anticipate, though the feeling of being altered for fun and for a limited amount of time is fine, the idea that the party doesn’t stop for a couple of weeks is not appealing to me but I am not a quitter, ha! I am picturing the…Oops…Just woke myself up, I am not AS tired as I was initially...Not sure what I was picturing 😬

Tomorrow I have a CT appointment so by my next post we will know more about the course of treatment and I will have more to say, though I can’t promise that I will be less high. Don’t worry, I have no intention of operating heavier equipment than my thumbs.

Until next time❤️

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